It all started when...

we took a little trip to Paris, France to visit Premiere Classe and Tranoi Tradeshows. While wandering around the city we happened upon Marché aux Pusces - the famous Flea Market! Both of us were wearing white sneakers and we stumbled upon a vintage pair of golf shoes - white and black with white fringes on them! Made us think: why couldn't we customize and personalize our own sneakers with fun colorful sparkly FRINGE? Well, a few weeks later back home in Portland, Oregon we started our fun journey - trying to find a local producer and sourcing agent and next thing you knew we were launched and ready to bring this fun, versatile shoe accessory kilty FRINGE to all of you shoe lovers! Theres no stopping us now:)  xoxo, Amy + Dani

FRINGE_SLIDER-01 (1).jpg